So yesterday my boyfriend dropped past a bigger Tesco in Aberdeen and came home with a fridge full of Wicked Kitchen goodies to try out! As you might have seen, we previously tried the Teriyaki Noodles and the Caponata Pizza and both were amazing so needless to say I was excited about all of the other items in the range.

I just got back from the stables and decided lunch was in order. So with that in mind we opted to share the Hoi Sin Mushroom Wrap and the Carrot Pastrami Spiced Wrap. As previously mentioned, I love mushrooms but only if they're cooked in the right way - cook them the wrong way and they taste like a slimy wet dog. So I'm always wary of anything too mushroom heavy...

We took a wrap from each pack and got munching. First up was the Hoi Sin Mushroom one and I have to say it barely touched the sides! The mushrooms were perfectly cooked, no wet dog flavours here, and the vegetables were crunchy and fresh tasting. The sauce was sweet and there wasn't too much of it so the wrap wasn't slimy. All in all a very tasty wrap!

Next up was the Carrot Pastrami wrap. I loved the purple colour of the beetroot tortilla (I'm a sucker for colourful food) and the carrots were lovely and crunchy. The layer of lettuce hid a delicious cheesy flavoured sauce which worked so well with the rest of the flavours.

Not only were these wraps super tasty but they also contained more than 10g of protein and under 400 calories per pack. YUM!