Having followed the Wicked Kitchen instagram page for a long time now, I have been impatiently waiting for the new collaborative range they have released with Tesco. So you can imagine my excitement when, after a walk around our local Tesco (in the middle of a tiny town) we found the Wicked Kitchen motherload...

We threw everything into the trolley and continued our big shop so we could get home and have some much needed lunch - although we ended up chatting to the lady on the checkout for ages as she was as excited as us to see the new range in store! I think a few of the staff might be adding some things to their shopping baskets before they head home from today's shifts!

Once the dogs had been walked we came home and unpacked the shopping and tried to decide which of the meals to have. We opted for the Wicked Teriyaki Noodles due to the impressively low calorie count (326 per pack) and stuck it in the microwave to cook.

Cooking time was around 3 minutes 40 seconds in our 800W microwave which felt like a lifetime as I was so hungry (nothing new there!). But finally it pinged and the smells wafting out were divine. My only concern, on first glance, was the lack of sauce. I’m a massive noodle fan and I do love some sticky sauce to go with them. However on tasting, this was a completely unfounded worry - this meal really didn’t need any sauce at all.

The texture of the mushrooms, the crunchy red cabbage, slightly pickled flavours and the various vegetable textures made this a really tasty lunch. And being as fussy as I am about how mushrooms are cooked that is praise indeed! They mushrooms were very firm, didn't taste like wet dog (that's my issue with a lot of mushroom, just an FYI!) and were almost meaty in texture, which gave this dish a really nice substantial feeling, especially impressive considering how few calories there are in it. The only thing I didn't eat was the little pot of onions as my stomach and some onions have a very bad relationship - it was great to see that the pot was removable and I didn't have to spend ages picking bits out of my lunch.

Conclusion? I would seriously recommend these noodles as the perfect nutrient rich lunch. So many colours, textures and flavours and really easy to cook - the little plastic box is both travel container and cooking container and the under 4 minute microwave time is a winner for lunch at work or uni. The only problem I have now is that we have all the other ones to try and I have no patience to wait until dinnertime!! I’ve already got my eye on the sourdough pizza...