I can't believe I'm typing this, but after only 4 days we have raised £1008 with our Kickstarter campaign - that's 1/5th of the total amount, which is AMAZING!!

With all of this excitement happening, now is the time to start sharing some of the ideas I have in mind for the products and decor.

The goal with this coffee shop is to make it warm, cosy, classy and somewhere people want to hang out for a little while and relax. I'm a huge fan of comfy seats, dark walls and selective lighting. The counter and any wooden tables will be made from recycled wooden pallets and scaffolding boards. Walls will feature a lot of grey and accessories will be copper and wood to keep the warm theme going.

The floor underneath the carpets is uneven and desperately needs sanded so once that's done it will get a coat of stain to allow some of the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. Seating will be around the edge where the windows are so customers can sit and enjoy the views. There will be a socket with USB ports at each table so customers can charge their phones and make use of the free wifi.

There will be artwork from local artists adorning the walls and this will all be for sale if anything takes your fancy.

Products will be on display on shelves around the cafe and if there's anything you would like to request we order in, just let us know. Things like dried soya, nutritional yeast, plant milks and other vegan staples will always be available.

I've been gathering some images to get a mood board going. Any suggestions? Get in touch! I love hearing other people's ideas for the place!